A Journey Home:  A Woman and Her Redeemer

 Mary Kane
Mary Kane

Do you know that you have been called by God to live a life of great influence and usefulness?

Perhaps, like me, you have mistakenly thought that God only uses women who are smart, multi-talented and popular--women who have never made serious mistakes or bad decisions. But as we study the Book of Ruth together, we will learn that God has called every woman, from those who were born to privilege to those who were born on the wrong side of the track, to use her gifts and talents to further His kingdom.  The Redeemer has called you!

What to Expect!

A Journey Home: A Woman and Her Redeemer is a nine-week Bible study that covers the entire Book of Ruth. The Bible study is available in a pdf format for you to download and print from your own computer. This Bible study will:

   Encourage you to step out in faith and trust God as you journey with Him through your life.

It is my prayer that you will be greatly blessed by this study and learn to trust and follow the Lord with all you heart!

In His Name,

Mary Kane

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