ZacchaeusLooking For Jesus

Are you dissatisfied with the depth of your relationship with God? So was Zacchaeus.
Zacchaeus heard that the Savior was coming to town, so he took advantage of that
information and put himself in a position to see Jesus. Like Zacchaeus, we too can
position ourselves to have greater fellowship with Jesus, but it's going to take a little
effort. Hurry! The Savior is waiting to meet with you today.

What To Expect in Looking For Jesus

Mary Kane and Jane VanOsdol of will discuss the following points with you:
  1. Background of tax collectors in biblical times
  2. What's getting in the way of you seeing Jesus?
  3. Jesus is pursuing you.
  4. It's not about perfection; it's about the heart.

 What Will I Receive with This Seminar Set?

Looking for Jesus seminar contains the following items.
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